Caravan layout

cookerThe caravan is designed to be as comfortable and as compact as possible - yet light enough for one horse to pull.

It has sleeping accommodation for 4 persons, and a cooker, sink/wash-basin, kitchen equipment and seating to allow holiday meals to be prepared and served in the caravan. Internal lighting is also provided.

This kind of caravan has been used with modifications for over 150 years by Irish people living a nomadic life-style. Today's 'Traveling People" or 'Travelers", as they are now called, inhabit modern trailer caravans pulled by vans or lorries and very seldom live in horse-drawn caravans. These itinerant people have a long-established interest and involvement in the breeding and training of draught horses. Many of the quiet horses used by our visitors have their origin in the breeding pool developed by these 'Travelers'.

Practical Information

cookerIt contains compact and cosy seating and berths for four persons and one child.

Bedding and sheets are provided. Visitors should bring their own towels. Equipment: A twin-flame or four-flame gas cooker (mostly), cooking and cleaning utensils. water container, cooling-bag; crockery, cutlery and tea-towels are all part of the kitchen equipment.






sleepingA horse-drawn caravan is about 5 meters long (about 7 mtr with horse yoked), over 2 meters wide and weighs maximum 750 Kg. Horse drawn caravans have no driving lights so they must be parked off the road during the hours of darkness!